A woman sitting on the beach wearing a straw hat, finding renewal and healing after divorce.


Divorce Coaching Services

We work together to make divorce less stressful.

Preparing for

Feeling overwhelmed by the thought of divorce? Engage with our divorce coach to empower yourself with emotional resilience, clear communication strategies, and practical knowledge about the legal process. We transform a daunting journey into a navigable path toward your new life, tailored specifically for strong women like you who value self-improvement and independence.


Going through a divorce? Our divorce coaching services are here to alleviate the stress, guide you through complex legal procedures, help maintain positive communication, and provide emotional support. We enable you to face this challenging time with strength and confidence, addressing your pain points, such as emotional turmoil, societal stigma, and legal concerns.


Experiencing post-divorce blues? Partner with our divorce coach to regain your emotional balance, redefine your life goals, optimize communication with your ex, and move forward with renewed self-confidence. We help you turn the page to a promising new chapter, ensuring the best possible outcome for you and your children, if any.

Divorce Coaching Services

We work together to make divorce less stressful


Complimentary Call

30 to 60-minute session

Thinking about life after divorce? Begin with a free 30 to 60-minute consultation with our divorce coach. This no-cost talk lets you see how personalized help can make a difference. You can discuss your situation, learn about different strategies, and see how coaching could help you. With our coaching, you can confidently move forward in your new life. Don’t wait – start your journey today.

Group Coaching

A Comprehensive Program for Navigating Divorce

Are you feeling overwhelmed by co-parenting issues or custody battles? Join our Group Coaching program designed to tackle high-conflict situations. Our supportive community offers a safe, confidential space to share strategies, exchange tips, and receive emotional support. Led by Tiffany Colburn, a certified divorce coach. My compassionate program provides expert guidance and resources tailored to your challenges. Together, we can navigate the complexities of your situation and help you reclaim control. Don’t face these intense times alone – join our group coaching program and empower yourself with shared wisdom and collective strength.

In-Person Support

Need in-person support? Our On-Call Coaching service is designed to accompany you through critical processes such as court sessions, depositions, attorney interviews, and mediations. Whether in person, over the phone, or via video call, I provide guidance, organization, and emotional support before, during, and after these pivotal moments. With our help, you’ll walk away from each session feeling empowered, centered, and equipped with a plan to move forward. Experience the reassurance of having a dedicated coach by your side in your most important moments.

Individual Coaching

Explore our Individual Coaching program, designed for women navigating the complexities of divorce. This program offers personalized strategies focusing on resilience, self-improvement, and stability. Experience a unique blend of emotional and practical support tailored to your needs. I provide a safe space for expression, learning, and growth. Start your journey towards a resilient and independent future with us and discover how Individual Coaching can empower you to navigate your divorce journey with strength and dignity.