My Feelings Matter, My Voice Matters

Coloring Adventure

Cover of the coloring book titled "My Feelings Matter, My Voice Matters: Coloring Adventure" by Tiffany Colburn featuring undersea creatures including a narwhal, jellyfish, and coral on a blue background.
Size: 8.50 x 11.00 in
Pages: 24

"My Feelings Matter, My Voice Matters: Coloring Adventure" by Tiffany Colburn is a charming and engaging book that masterfully combines the elements of a children's book and a coloring book. This innovative approach makes it a fun activity for children and serves as an educational tool that promotes emotional intelligence and self-expression.


The book's central theme revolves around the importance of acknowledging and expressing one's feelings. Colburn emphasizes that every child's emotions are valid and that their voice is important. This message is crucial in today's world, where children often struggle to understand and articulate their feelings. The book encourages young readers to explore their emotions in a safe and supportive environment.


"Under the Sea: My Feelings Matter, My Voice Matters Coloring Adventure" follows the journey of Finn the Friendly Fish and a group of diverse sea creatures as they explore the underwater world. Through vibrant illustrations and engaging text, the book addresses important themes of emotions, healthy boundaries, and healing.

Writing Style:

Tiffany Colburn's writing is simple yet impactful. She uses age-appropriate language that is easy for children to understand, which helps convey the book's core messages effectively. The narrative is structured to guide children through various scenarios where they might experience different emotions, providing them with examples of how to navigate their feelings and express themselves constructively.

Illustrations and Coloring Aspect:

The illustrations are vibrant and inviting, designed to capture the attention of young readers. Each page allows children to color, which adds an interactive dimension to the reading experience. This activity makes the book more enjoyable and allows children to engage with the material on a deeper level. Coloring can be a therapeutic activity, helping children to relax and reflect on the emotions discussed in the book.

Educational Value:

The book is an excellent resource for parents, teachers, and caregivers who wish to foster emotional literacy in children. It provides practical advice and strategies for managing emotions, making it a useful tool for discussing feelings and self-expression. The combination of storytelling and coloring makes the learning process enjoyable and memorable.

Overall Assessment:

"My Feelings Matter, My Voice Matters: Coloring Adventure" is a thoughtful and creative book that addresses a critical aspect of child development. Tiffany Colburn has successfully created a resource that is both educational and entertaining. It helps children understand their feelings are important and encourages them to express themselves openly and confidently.

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In conclusion, this book is highly recommended for young children and the adults in their lives who want to support their emotional growth and self-expression. Its unique blend of storytelling and interactive coloring makes it a standout choice in the genre of children's emotional education books.