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In-Person Support

Are you feeling like you’re navigating the stormy seas of divorce alone? Do you wish you had a guiding hand to help you through the legal maze? You’re not alone. Many women in your situation feel the same way. But what if there was a way to sail through this challenging time with more confidence and less stress?

Call To Action

On-Call Coaching: Your Personal Beacon in the Divorce Process

I’ve designed the On-Call Coaching service to provide the in-person support you need during critical processes such as court sessions, depositions, attorney interviews, and mediations. I understand that these moments can be intimidating, and it’s easy to feel lost and alone. But what if you didn’t have to face them by yourself?

Imagine walking into a court session or mediation with a dedicated coach by your side. Someone who provides guidance, organization, and emotional support before, during, and after these pivotal moments. Wouldn’t that make a world of difference?

Feel Empowered, Centered, and Ready to Move Forward

With my On-Call Coaching service, you’ll walk away from each session feeling empowered, centered, and equipped with a plan to move forward. You’ll experience the reassurance of having a dedicated coach by your side in your most important moments. But don’t just take my word for it. Why not experience it for yourself?