My feelings matter, My voice matters coloring adventure.

I truly believe that it is never too early to instill in our little ones the knowledge and understanding that their feelings and voices truly matter and hold tremendous value.

I am so excited to share the first coloring book in a series designed specifically for children from 2-5 years old, titled “My Feelings Matter, My Voice Matters.”

In this coloring book we embark on a colorful adventure with the first book in my engaging series, created especially for young hearts and curious minds. This isn’t just a coloring book—it’s a window into the tender realm of a child’s emotions and social interactions.

It's time to reclaim your power, embrace change, and create a life of fulfillment beyond divorce.

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Through playful and easily understood illustrations, little artists, alongside their grown-ups, are invited to explore, discuss, and color their way through the simple yet profound aspects of early emotional and social development.

I truly hope that with every splash of color, a doorway to meaningful conversations between you and your little one is unlocked, nurturing understanding and kindness along the way. Discover the joy of coloring with purpose and help foster a generation of empathetic, confident, and emotionally aware individuals right from their tender years.

My Feelings Matter: Fostering Early Emotional Intelligence

Toddlers and preschoolers are at the beginning of their learning journey, and nurturing their emotional intelligence is so important. By guiding them to recognize the power of their emotions, we lay the groundwork for a lifetime of healthy self-expression, empathy, and self-advocacy.

Just ocean waves, feelings change finn's worry turned into happiness as he explored with friends in the "My Feelings Matter" Coloring Book Series. Teaching red flags
Just ocean waves, and feelings change Finn’s worry turned into happiness as he explored with friends in the “My Feelings Matter” Coloring Book Series.

My Voice Matters: Introducing Red Flags

In the coloring book, we go on a colorful adventure under the sea, exploring the world of emotions. Young children explore, understand, and communicate their feelings through playful illustrations and engaging activities. They are introduced to ‘red flags’ – gentle signals that alert them when their emotional well-being may need extra attention.

Empowering Parents

To support this journey, parents and caregivers will find a thoughtfully designed parent guide at the end of the book. This guide serves as a valuable companion for parents and caregivers, offering essential tools to initiate conversations about emotions, mental well-being, and recognizing potential signs. It provides helpful prompts, discussion starters, and practical suggestions for engaging with your young child.

It's time to reclaim your power, embrace change, and create a life of fulfillment beyond divorce.

Learn More About our Group Coaching Program

Advocating for Healthy Relationships and Boundaries

As a divorce coach, I understand the critical importance of teaching children about healthy relationships, finding their voice, and establishing boundaries from an early age. This ocean-themed coloring book series is a powerful resource to help parents educate their children on these very important life skills, providing them with tools to navigate their emotional world healthily and empowered.

A starfish coloring page for the "My Feelings Matter" Coloring Book Series for Ages 2-5.
A starfish coloring page for the “My Feelings Matter” Coloring Book Series for Ages 2-5.

Future Coloring Book Releases

This first ocean-themed book is just the beginning of an empowering series. Other coloring, story, and helpful books will help with empathy, gratitude, resilience, and understanding boundaries, offering fresh opportunities for growth and empowerment.

Connect, Grow, and Embark on a New Chapter

Who says a coloring book can’t be the gateway to a brighter future for both you and your little ones? The “My Feelings Matter Coloring Book Series” is more than just a collection of pages to color.

It’s a stepping stone towards understanding and expressing emotions, a topic close to the heart, especially during trying times like a divorce. It’s about laying a solid foundation of emotional intelligence for your children while providing a space for you to breathe, reflect, and even find joy in coloring alongside them.

Isn’t it about time we embraced the emotional rollercoaster, learned from it, and used it to foster a nurturing environment for our children?

The journey doesn’t have to end on the last page of the coloring book. Our Group Coaching Program extends a hand, offering a community of individuals who understand your struggles and victories.

Our service is more than just navigating life’s storms, it’s where you will find a harbor of support and learning to sail and be strong again. Curious about how we can assist you further? Reach out now, and let’s start a conversation. Your new chapter is waiting, and so is a community that cheers for your resilience and growth.

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